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A Backward Glance O’er Travel’d Roads

While I can not understand it or argue it out, I fully believe in a clue and purpose in Nature, entire and several; and that invisible spiritual results, just as real and definite as the visible, eventuate all concrete life and all materialism, through Time.


Color Photography – It Can’t Be Possible!?!

If you’ve read the post, About This Site, you may recall where I speculate how Walt might be amazed to see all the technological changes that have occurred in the past 120 years since his death. I found an interesting passage today in With Walt Whitman in Camden that hits on this thought exactly!


In June of 1888, Walt was discussing with Traubel the possibility of color photography and doubts it could ever be a reality. Walt says:



Traubel, Horace. (1906). With Walt Whitman in Camden (March 28 – July 14, 1888). Boston: Small, Maynard & Company. pp.283.