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Dinner with Walt - all things Walt Whitman

Welcome Ed Centeno!

I am pleased and excited to introduce renowned Whitman collector, Ed Centeno. Ed contacted me via this site in the summer of 2013, and since then we have quickly become friends and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our Whitman collections with one another. I’ve invited Ed to share items from his massive Whitman collection with you in this space!

Ed has been collecting Whitman materials and memorabilia for over 20 years. In Ed’s words,

“My interest in Whitman started while writing an article about gay poets depicted on stamps. I learned that he lived and died in Camden, NJ. Not only do I have family still living in this city, but I attended middle school in the 70’s. I purchase several bio and a few Leaves of Grass editions.

I branched out from stamps to postcards (500 plus in the collection) and after learning about the cigar labels (seven different designs), I became fascinated by the idea of how the Whitman image and words were used for advertising. Just to give you an idea of my collection: I have devoted an entire room in my house to my collection.  My most recent collecting interest are artists books related and/or depicting Whitman. I also enjoy commissioning art work about Whitman.”


He is often contacted by the curators at the Walt Whitman Birthplace Museum and freely offers items from his collections for displays in the museum.

To view rare and wonderful items from Ed’s Walt Whitman collections, click the link at the top of this page, “Ed’s Collections.” Check back often, this will be updated frequently!