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Robert G. Ingersoll

Whitman had many close friends and admirers in his day, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, the eulogy of Walt Whitman was delivered by a man that Whitman respected and shared a close friendship, Robert G. Ingersoll. Wikipedia notes that, “The eulogy was published to great acclaim and is considered a classic panegyric.”


In my Whitman collection, I have a copy of the Address at the Funeral of Walt Whitman, by Robert G. Ingersoll.  Printed in 1976 by ManRoot.


I visited the resting place of Ingersoll on a recent visit to Arlington National Cemetery. Below the names of him and his wife, reads:  “Nothing is grander than to break chains from the bodies of men – nothing nobler than to destroy the phantoms of the soul”


Ingersoll is buried in Washington D.C. at Arlington National Cemetery. (Section 3, Lot 1620, Grid S-16.5).


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