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Dinner with Walt - all things Walt Whitman


Today I have a question for you:  take a close look at each of these pictures of the Whitman tomb and choose which you prefer (click to enlarge image).


Which of these images appeal more to your senses, if you will…




If you’re like me, you like the picture on the left better, correct? I’m sure you did, and I’m glad for it. Pardon me for a moment here…


<stepping up on soap box!>

Arborglyphing trees is not attractive, it’s not cool and please don’t do it!


Take a look at my March 26, 2102 post:  written in Whitman’s own hand about his tomb, he states: “surroundings – trees, turf, sky, a hill, everything crude & natural.”


Carving your name in a tree is not fostering the “natural environment” that Whitman favored.


I know you wouldn’t do it, but please pass the message on, thanks!

 <stepping down now>


Wait, before I step down, let me add, I debated on whether or not to write this post. But after comparing images I took Saturday, March 31st and again on Sunday, April 1st, if you look closely you will notice a fresh name carving in the tree bark. So this practice (“vandalism” I call it) still continues. So I HAD to write this post.


 <ok, really stepping down now!>


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