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Levi’s using Walt Whitman!?!

Levi’s using Walt Whitman to sell jeans!?!



I do admit this series of commercials is captivating and engaging. What draws me in are the captions – Walt’s writing of America. Those words entrap the viewer in a gaze of awe! And that voice! Whitman’s own voice! That grainy wax recording of Walt Whitman reading America is amazing! (the first video clip).


But as much as I love Whitman, this artsy – but blatant commercialization, is unsatisfactory. Levi’s used to stand for America, they used to be proudly stamped “Made in USA.” Today however, they are made overseas in questionable working conditions.


These commercials are interesting, artsy and well done, but I do not approve. Today’s Levi’s are not the same time-honored American-made products they once were. If the voice and words of Walt were used in nearly any other way than to sell non-American-made jeans to Americans, I might approve.


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