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Welcome to Dinner with Walt!


I have an immense passion for Walt Whitman! My obsession with Walt started when I stumbled upon his name while doing research for a LGBT project a few years ago. At the time, his name was not unknown to me, I have long heard of him, but I didn’t know anything about him. Curious to know more, I went to a local bookstore and picked up a paperback copy of Leaves of Grass. I was immediately hooked! His writing lit a fire of passion within me I’ve not known before. It sounds odd, even to myself, to be ‘in love’ with a man dead of 120 years. I cannot explain my own feelings any better than John Swinton in 1884. Chief Editorial Writer for The New York Times, Swinton, in a letter he wrote to W, stated, “You have grown before me, grown around me, and grown into me.”


I enjoy reading and learning about Walt’s life as much as I enjoy reading his own writing. My Whitman book collection and online resource collection continue to grow. I’ve recently acquired a complete first edition set of the 9 volume series With Walt Whitman in Camden by Horace Traubel.  If you’re a Whitman egghead like myself, check back often, as I’ll share interesting stories, humorous bits and otherwise noteworthy quotes, comments and observations.


It humors me to think of this website sitting somewhere in a dusty corner on the internet; where except maybe for a few passing spiders, few, if anyone else, will actually see it. But if you are here; I hope you enjoy the site and I welcome your thoughts and comments.





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