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~ Good-Bye My Fancy ~

Dear Friends,

After nearly 10 years of curating this site, I have decided it time to bid adieu. More fun than I ever initially imagined–I thought the site would occupy a dusty corner on the web-sphere–but as a happy result, I have had the great pleasure to travel over the past many years, near and far, and have been lucky to meet many great people along the way who also share an interest and passion for this great poet. That aspect alone has made this whole experience worthwhile and I wouldn’t change a thing!

To everyone who has visited the website, offered comments, thoughts and ideas, and most especially to those who have shared books, plays, and creative projects of their own, I enthusiastically applaud and thank you!

You are all brilliant and wonderful, be well my friends!


I find it fitting to depart as Whitman did of his Leaves of Grass, with his final poem, Good-Bye My Fancy!



GOOD-BYE my Fancy!

Farewell dear mate, dear love!

I’m going away, I know not where,

Or to what fortune, or whether I may ever see you again,

So Good-bye my Fancy.

Now for my last—let me look back a moment;

The slower fainter ticking of the clock is in me,

Exit, nightfall, and soon the heart-thud stopping.

Long have we lived, joy’d, caress’d together;

Delightful!—now separation—Good-bye my Fancy.

Yet let me not be too hasty,

Long indeed have we lived, slept, filter’d, become really blended
into one;

Then if we die we die together, (yes, we’ll remain one,)

If we go anywhere we’ll go together to meet what happens,

May-be we’ll be better off and blither, and learn something,

May-be it is yourself now really ushering me to the true songs,
(who knows?)

May-be it is you the mortal knob really undoing, turning—so
now finally,

Good-bye—and hail! my Fancy.

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