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Dinner with Walt - all things Walt Whitman

May 31st, Happy Birthday Walt!

~ Happy 194th Birthday to Walt Whitman ~

I started thinking about Whitman’s birthday last week and pondered what I would write in tribute to this remarkable man. Unsure, I picked up my favorite copy of Leaves of Grass, one of 26 copies in my collection, and here’s what I found when I randomly opened the book.


The poem, FULL OF LIFE, NOW is most befitting to share on Whitman’s birthday. Traditionally, we give gifts to loved ones to celebrate a birthday, but today on this occasion, we receive a gift – a timeless gift from Whitman himself to all of us – living, dead and yet unborn…



 Happy Birthday Walt!



 Image credit:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Walt_Whitman_edit_2.jpg


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