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Dinner with Walt - all things Walt Whitman

A December 19th Birthday!

Happy 154th Birthday to Horace Traubel!!!

Earlier this year, in my birthday tribute to Whitman, I wrote,


“Happy [193rd] birthday to an enlightened, benevolent, inspiring, noble and wonderful old man!”


Here today on December 19th, I wish to express this this same sentiment to another great man, Horace Traubel.


With much thanks to the Indiana State University for making this available, I found quite a gem that really is a perfect and beautiful tribute to the life of Horace Traubel. This memorial is a truly transcendent document and is decorous of such an important man to the life and story of Walt Whitman. Edited in1920 by Flora McDonald, this exceptional tribute is peppered with Traubel’s own thoughts, words and poems. It details Traubel’s last days of life at the dedication of “Old Walt” in Bon Echo, Ontario; and contains images of Traubel that I have not before seen.


So today, with love, gratitude and remembrances to the life of Horace Traubel, I invite you to read “The Sunset of Bon Echo.”


Below is a poem written for Horace by his wife Anne. Unfortunately, he did not live to see this lovely poem. He died a few months prior.



Written for his birthday December 19th, 1919

By, [his wife] Anne Montgomerie Traubel


He is not something in the light –

He is the light.

Light that is life –

Life that is love.

Love that he has made as common as bread,

And touched to immortality.




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