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A Year Into This Website


A year strong now, my obsession with Whitman only continues to steadily grow stronger instead of showing any sign of abating. I doubt it much of a significant milestone, but it’s been a year now that I’ve been working on this Whitman website endeavor. I maintain this site mostly for personal reasons; I use it as a place to further my knowledge of Whitman and his friends, and as a place to record my thoughts from books I’ve read. As a collector of ‘all things Whitman’ this website is part of my ever-growing accumulation of Whitman.


I also use this site as a place to explore writing – if only my high school English Literature teacher could see me now! I promise you I was never a big fan of literature, even less with writing. (I know what you’re thinking –this fact is obvious to you after having a look at my site, isn’t it!?!). I like to entertain myself with the thought that were I able to travel back into the past and meet my younger self and tell ‘myself’ that I ‘will someday maintain a literature website about Whitman, I’m pretty sure my younger self would laugh hysterically at the idea! But here I am today!


If this website is not crazy enough proof of my true Whitmaniac character, I am approaching 100 books in my Whitman collection. Most are first editions, one special treasure is even signed by Whitman’s own hand! I mean not to boast, but rather to illustrate how I am quite happy to be totally consumed and to allow myself to be fully immersed in all things related to Whitman. I even ventured earlier this year on my – first ever – literary vacation, where I drove to Washington DC and explored the city in search of Whitman. From there, I drove up north to Camden, NJ and spent 2 days exploring the place Whitman called home. Undoubtedly, much has changed in Camden in the past 120 + years, but Whitman is still alive in Camden. Touring his home was an amazing highlight for me to experience. Now if I could just figure out how to stay a night there, in Whitman’s home, as a guest, that would surely be an unforgettable experience!


As I said in my introduction, it humors me to think of this website sitting in a dusty corner on the websphere, but I’m going to keep plugging-along with it.






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