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August 29th, Edward Carpenter


Happy 168th Birthday to Edward Carpenter!


Edward Carpenter, (August 29, 1844 – June 28, 1929).  Carpenter was a British socialist, writer and poet, philosopher, early gay activist and intimate friend of Walt Whitman.


Take a look here at the Whitman Archive for more info on Carpenter. The intimate letters he and Whitman shared back and forth are beautifully written, truly remarkable, and noteworthy in their own right.  Traubel shares many of the Carpenter letters in his With Walt Whitman in Camden series.


Stay tuned, I’ll share highlights from some of those letters and more about Carpenter in future posts.  He is a man worthy of his own website – I suspect there to be many sites out there in the websphere already dedicated to this brilliant man.  Let me know if you find some good ones!


But for now, Cheers to this brilliant, courageous and wonderful man!



  • Kate flann says:

    Please use this web address to find out more about the Friends of Edward Carpenter in Sheffield, England including Facebook and Twitter

    April 5, 2013 at 6:07 pm

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