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A Scandal Emerges!

<Gasp!> I found a scandalous gem today over at The Walt Whitman Archive!


I’m working on a post about long-time Whitman friend and admirer, Edward Carpenter, which will be posted on his birthday later this month. I needed answers to a few questions and referred to the best source available (The W. W. Archive above) and I stumbled upon something that surprised and shocked me! A sex scandal! Written by Martin Murray in 2005, for the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, this article offers evidence about the perpetually controversial topic of Whitman’s sexuality.







Scholars over the years have had varying opinions in regard to Whitman’s sexuality. Some have even outrageously questioned whether Whitman ever had any sex at all! But the article you are about to read should help stifle any of those lingering doubts about Whitman’s sexuality.


I’m not even going to begin to summarize or put any of this into my own words. In doing so, it would only cloud and cast-doubt upon the story. So instead, I invite you to read it for yourself! So put the kids to bed, dim the lights, put on that old Barry White record gathering dust in your collection…

Here it is, enjoy!


Walt Whitman, Edward Carpenter, Gavin Arthur, and The Circle of Sex.



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