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Whitman’s 195th Birthday!

Put those party hats on and let the celebration begin!

Today, May 31st, 2014 marks Whitman’s 195th birthday!



Poets To Come

Poets to come! Orators, singers, musicians to come!

Not to-day is to justify me and answer what I am for,

But you, a new brood, native, athletic, continental, greater than before known,

Arouse! For just must justify me.

I myself but write one or two indicative word for the future,

I but advance a moment only to wheel and hurry back in the darkness.

I am a man who, sauntering along without fully stopping, turns a casual look upon you and then averts his face,

Leaving it to you to prove and define it,

Expecting the main things from you.


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11th Annual Song of Myself Marathon!

The 11th Annual Song of Myself Marathon will be held in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, June 8th!

11th Annual Song of Myself Marathon

“Dear friends,

I’m delighted to announce the eleventh anniversary of our annual reading of
Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”!

This year’s marathon will be held on Sunday, June 8 at the Granite Prospect
at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1.  We’ll be led off by thunder-voiced poet
Martin Espada, who can evoke Whitman like none other.  If you were with us
last year, you’ll remember our spectacular view of Manhattan, the Brooklyn
Bridge, and New York Harbor from this spot.  We’re open to the elements and
we (and Walt) like it that way– so please bring your umbrella if it rains.
The event is of course free and will begin at 4 pm; readers, please arrive
no later than 3:30.

If you’d like to read, please email songofmyselfmarathon@gmail.com with
your favorite three sections of “Song of Myself” (using the 1891-’92
edition’s breakdown of 52 sections).  I’ll be in touch with you as the
event draws closer, to provide the final list of readers.  Original
interpretations of your chosen passage are encouraged!  Last year we had
several folks read in different languages; we also had our youngest reader
yet (go forth 9 year old Emmanuel!), Jesse strumming his interpretation of
#4 on guitar, Connor reciting #s16 and 17 from memory, and not one but TWO
Walt Whitmans.  Please do have fun out there!  You know Walt would love

For more information on the site of the reading (and some great photos of
last year’s event), please visit:


Smorgasburg, the fabulous weekly food market, will be held that Sunday
beginning at 11am at the Pier 5 Uplands; it’s a great place to pick up a
snack before, after, or even during the event:


Hope you can make it!  Please spread the word to fellow poetry lovers.

Warm Whitmanic wishes always,

Karen Karbiener”